About Safari

About Safari

Safari Chips Enjoyed Since 1985

New Design – Still Nostalgic

Hunter Foods’ journey into the world of crunchy goodness started with Mr. Bharat Narayan’s (our late Safari Uncle) love for animals that led him to create a brand of potato snacks under the name “Safari – the first brand that became an icon in its own right.

If you grew up in the UAE you remember Safari Chips, as those were firm playground favourites / kids’ munchies of choice in the 90s and they always hit the spot.
We are now set to give childhood memories a healthier twist!

Our Safari Potato Grills are now Cooked in 100% Sunflower Oil, which is low in saturated fat, and has no trans fat. There are also Non GMO, MSG Free, and contain No Cholesterol & No Trans Fat.

They are just as crunchy, tasty, satisfying and having more moreish flavours than ever!
Safari Potato Grills, or Safari Chips as we call them, taste just as good now as they did back then and have gained generations of new fans over the last 3 decades.

Benefits with Safari

100% MSG Free

100% Non GMO

100% No Cholesterol

100% No Trans Fat

Do you know?